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Level/Game Design, the study of games, and game culture take up most of my time. I love to figure out ways to make levels tell a story by the placement of an off-center painting, a pile of rubble, or the color of a light. I've been modding with the UDK/Unreal III and the T3D engine. I'm totally at home with using level editors, Unreal Matinee, Kismet, Particle Editors, and the Unreal Material Editor.

Friday, December 2, 2011

UDK Cyberpunk Level

This level was created using the art assets of the the June 2010 beta of the UDK.  All level design, lighting, kismet scripting, and matinee was done by me. 

Inspired the art styles of Bladerunner and the new Deus Ex, the level is designed as a 2 Fort style Deathmatch and Capture the Flag arena. It contains three battle grounds, elevators, sniping spots, and a huge pool that allows the players to be extra sneaky if they want to infiltrate the enemy base.

At the 25 sec mark, the Player has left the base and is confronted with the main battle area. From this point on, the Player must be constantly aware of the surroundings. Sniper from the windows of the opposite base can attack, as well as enemies charging the base.
At the 27 sec point, you can see the infamous UDK angels. These angels worked perfectly with the aesthetic that I was going for and the bright white light around them makes them stand out against the orange glow from the surrounding city.
At the 45 sec mark, the surrounding city and traffic becomes apparent. I used UDK Matinee to create the traffic of the Cicadas that fly around the buildings. Lights that were colored off of the surrounding buildings were used to illuminate the ships just enough that they can be seen, while still making the lighting look realistic. This lighting also hides that fact that the turbines are not moving on the ships, as they are just basic skeletal meshes.
Part 2 starts with the Player in the Main Battle Area of the level. This area has plenty of cover spots, hidden areas, elevators, and a pool that players can run around in.
At the 24 sec mark, the Player has entered one of the four elevators. These elevators bring the Player up to the Upper Battle Area. This area is more based on very close combat and cover. The cover points within the room are 64 units high, which is the same height of the base models in the UDK. Ammo and Health are spread throughout the room to encourage the players to run around and take risks.

The art for the Upper Battle Area and it’s connecting areas is done in more of the hardcore sci-fi industrial style. I made this decision based on that this is an area that normal people that worked in this skyscraper would never see, so there was no need to make it look pretty. As the Player goes lower into the building, that is when it starts to become more decorative.
The 47 sec mark shows the Player looking out of the windows of the skyscraper. This area is designed for sniping. A weakness in this area is that if a player gets the rocket launcher, the player can shoot all three rockets at the same time and the rockets will go through all three windows at the same time.
This is the last video for this level. In this section, the Player is going to go through the water system to enter the opposing base. I put this final method of travel in the game so that the level also works for capture the flag.
The Player has found the beam rifles that work as sniper rifles in this level. These guns work really well when used from the windows that the Player just left. The second function of these guns is that they shoot a large ball of energy that explodes if shoot from the primary fire from the gun. This large explosion can be used as crowd control from the windows of the base.
At the 12 sec mark, the Player is beginning to enter the lower area of the base. This area is based around the look of a sauna. The textures on the wall are a paler version of the walls in the pool.
I put a fog in the sauna area to give the feeling of heat and humidity to the room, as well as giving a player some visual cover when coming out of the tunnel to the pool. The small waterfall areas in this section are also designed to give the Player cover spots.

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