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Level/Game Design, the study of games, and game culture take up most of my time. I love to figure out ways to make levels tell a story by the placement of an off-center painting, a pile of rubble, or the color of a light. I've been modding with the UDK/Unreal III and the T3D engine. I'm totally at home with using level editors, Unreal Matinee, Kismet, Particle Editors, and the Unreal Material Editor.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

COD 4 Map

This map is set in a dark, old, gothic style prison.  Currently, it's about 80% complete and still needs to have a light mapping pass (that is the reason that it looks like there are holes in the ground), more cover, and a lighting pass.

The large prison yard is designed for assault and sniper fire.  There is some cover, but this was intentionally designed as a killing field.

The interior of the prison is a close combat, multi floored, smg/shotgun nest.

The south side of the map is designed for smg and assault fire and gives the player lots of terrain based cover and trees to hide behind.

The North side of the map is designed for long range combat and has several sniper spots.

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